Week beginning 3rd October – Cycle to School Week

Week beginning 17th October – Walk to School Week

Tuesday 18th and Thursday 20th October – Parents’ Evenings

Thursday 20th October, 2pm – YR-Y6 Harvest Service at St Michael’s Church, parents welcome

30th September 2022

Headteacher’s Newsletter

With the weather letting us know that it is well and truly Autumn, all the classes from Reception to Year Six have begun learning songs and preparing a short item to share during our Harvest Service at St Michael’s Church on 20th October. We are very much looking forward to this event which hasn’t been possible for the last few years. If you haven’t done so already, please complete the G Form which was sent out recently giving your permission for your child to go on walks in the local area this year as they will not be able to come with us to the church in a couple of weeks without it! 

Mrs Christine Richards

 Please cycle or scoot to school next week if you can!

If possible, it would be great if you could cycle or scoot to school next week during cycle to school week. Please be reminded when cycling or scooting that we ask all riders dismount and walk while on the school site to ensure everyone’s safety at busy times. Avoiding driving is particularly important at the moment as there are road works taking place on Meadoway and parking is limited. If it is necessary for you to drive to school, please continue to park with consideration of our neighbours. Perhaps you could ‘park and stride’ which involves parking a small distance away and walking the last 5 or 10 minutes to school. Our new Year Six ‘Junior Road Safety Officers,’ (pictured below) will be promoting Cycle to School Week in school next week.


   Year 1:  Elsie
Year 2:  Harry
Year 3:  Karina
Year 4:  Harry
Year 5:  Jacob
Year 6:  Andrew
Mr Roberts has produced this amazing board for us to display the recipients of the Star Awards each week from now on!


Year 1:  Ava for super ideas in science and for being a maths wizard!
Year 2:  Sophie for trying so hard with her reading in school
Year 3:  Parker for writing an excellent diary entry
Year 4:  Isabel for writing a fantastic diary entry
Year 5:   Jackson for his evocative Titanic narrative
Year 6:   Poppy for being independent and enthusiastic in maths

behaviour AWARDS

Year 1:  Teddy
Year 2:  Eric
Year 3:  Louis
Year 4:  Alex
Year 5:  Aston
Year 6:  Jessica


Agree or strongly agree that their child is happy at our school and they feel safe.


Agree or strongly agree that their child makes good progress and is taught well at Steeple Claydon School.


Would recommend our school to other parents