Monday 1st May – School Closed for May Bank Holiday

Tuesday 2nd May – NEU Strike Day – Years 1, 2, 4 and 5 are closed

Thursday 4th May – Bike to School Day

Friday 5th May – Pre-school to Year 5 Coronation Celebration Day. Parent volunteers welcome. Y6 will complete their activities on 3rd/4th May instead 

Friday 5th May – FOSCS Donut Sale

Monday 8th May – School Closed for Coronation Bank Holiday

9th-12th May – Year 6 SATs tests

Friday 12th May – Wear Blue for ME Awareness Day (£1 charity donation)

Wednesday 17th May – Y3/4 visit to Oxford Science Centre

Thursday 18th May – School Discos

Friday 28th April


The most significant event this week has been the Year Six Fundraiser which was entirely the idea of a group of them and the result of their hard work. Please see details and pictures below – they should be very proud of their amazing achievement!

Please also be reminded that we are always open to any kind of feedback whether positive or negative. If you have any views or comments to make, please share them with me via the school office or in person as we cannot work to try and improve or do things differently if we are not aware of a problem!

Mrs Christine Richards

Year Six Fundraising

The Year 6 Earthquake Fundraiser on Tuesday was an incredible success. All the children involved worked so hard to make items to sell, practise songs and give up lots of their break and lunchtimes to organise the event. Thank you to all those who attended, supported in some way, spent money and donated. The initial idea and inspiration was from Pippa and Maisie who had both expressed concern and sympathy for those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria and the fundraiser grew from there. The children raised an incredible amount of money and we are all very proud of them. They demonstrated what kind, determined and hard working young people they are becoming and we hope that they continue to build on these wonderful qualities in their futures. Well done Year 6 fundraisers! The money will now be donated to a charity that will support people in Turkey and Syria.

King’s Coronation Mug

If you are aged 15 or under and live in Steeple Claydon, please visit this link https://forms.office.com/e/zehL2TzkuQ to register for your free commemorative mug to celebrate the King’s Coronation.  The Parish Council will present mugs to the children of the village on Sunday the 7th of May. 

Bikes on school site

Please ensure you take your bike or scooter home every day after school.  We have had an attempted robbery of a bicycle from the school premises recently, so do take extra care. 


Our value this week has been determination
Reception – Teddy
Year 1 – Stella
Year 2 – Everly
Year 3 – Parker
Year 4 – Liam
Year 5 – Theo
Year 6 – Mylo


Reception – Rafi for trying very hard with his learning this week
Year 1 – Poya for being amazing and trying her best in everything
Year 2 – Lexi for consistently applying effort in everything
Year 3 – Maisy for an excellent re-telling of Mr Toad’s adventure
Year 4 – Macy for planning and carrying out an excellent science experiment
Year 5 – Alfie for reliably and helpfully sharing ideas
Year 6 – Lexi for great work translating and reflecting shapes on a co-ordinates grid

behaviour AWARDS

Reception – Alfie
Year 1 – Lauren
Year 2 – Jasper
Year 3 – Sophia
Year 4 – Oscar BD
Year 5 – Libby
Year 6 – Andrew


Agree or strongly agree that their child is happy at our school and they feel safe.


Agree or strongly agree that their child makes good progress and is taught well at Steeple Claydon School.


Would recommend our school to other parents