28th of March – y1 and y2 trip to Tring Museum

29th of March – class photos

30th of March – Easter Service starts at  2pm

31st of March – last day of term 

friday 24th March


If you and your children haven’t noticed how stretched our staffing has become through illness this week, that is testament to the amazing team of people who work at our school and are willing to step up and perform tasks with great capability which are completely outside of their normal job role. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank each and every one of them for their brilliance and commitment to your children’s education!

Mrs Christine Richards

This week's value is Trust


Reception – Megan
Year 1 – Lykan
Year 2 – Lacey
Year 3 – Emily
Year 4 – Romane
Year 5 – Leo
Year 6 – Ethan


Reception – Ummayyah for trying so hard with her writing
Year 1 – Jacob for incredible effort in English
Year 2 – Lukesh – for excellent reading. Making great predictions and giving reasons
Year 3 – Evie for excellent sentences in English
Year 4 – Olive for writing creative sentences in English
Year 5 – Evan K for fantastic artwork both in linocut and vector drawing
Year 6 – Jackson G for great confidence with running stitch, back stitch and cross stitch

behaviour AWARDS

Reception – Jack
Year 1 – Lauren
Year 2 – Everly
Year 3 – Jemima
Year 4 – Alfie T
Year 5 – Kai
Year 6 – Layla


Agree or strongly agree that their child is happy at our school and they feel safe.


Agree or strongly agree that their child makes good progress and is taught well at Steeple Claydon School.


Would recommend our school to other parents