Monday 23rd January – Y3/4 History Experience Hook Day (dress up optional or wear comfortable clothes. Y4 will not have a PE lesson)

Wednesday 25th January – Young Voices Choir to concert in Birmingham

Friday 27th January – Y3/4 Level 1 Bikeability Training for those who have booked 

Monday and Tuesday 30-31 January – YR/Y1 Bikeability Balance training for those who have booked

Tuesday 31st January, 3.45pm – Y1/2 Invasion Games Festival – team event at Buckingham Primary School

Tuesday 7th, 3.30-7.30pm and Thursday 9th February, 3.30-5.30pm – Parents’ Evenings

Thursday 9th February, 3.45pm – Y3/4 Football Festival – team event at Royal Latin School

Friday 10th February – FOSCS Break the Rules Day

 friday 20th january


This week has seen us facing significant challenges in staffing the school due to high levels of staff illness. Thanks in particular to all parents of Year Three children for your understanding when we had to take the late decision to move the class to remote learning on Monday. It was unfortunately our only option at that time. I would also like to thank all the staff who have been in school this week for going ‘above and beyond’ in order to ensure the children in other classes as well as their own have kept  learning effectively and safely. They have all been amazing.

Mrs Christine Richards

Behaviour Policy Review

We are in the process of reviewing our behaviour policy and trying a few slightly different strategies out in the classroom. This will be finalised and published next week but in the meantime, if your child mentions that the traffic light system we have always used in the classroom has changed, they are right. The system remains largely the same but the visuals have changed from green, amber and red dots to a sunshine, rainbow and clouds. Once our new policy is finalised, we will make sure you receive a copy so you are kept informed.

Teacher Strikes

I’m sure you have seen in the news that the largest teacher union, the NEU, has called strike action on 1st February, 2nd March and 15 &16th March. We are unsure at this stage how this will affect our school. Once advice from all relevant organisations has been received and teachers have notified us whether they intend to strike on those days or not, we will decide which, if any, classes will need to close on those days and will let you know as soon as possible.



This week’s value has been compassion
Reception – Jack
Year 1 – Lauren
Year 2 – Hugo
Year 3 – Baxter
Year 4 – Oscar B (respect) and Reya
Year 5 – Aubrey
Year 6 – Bernadette


Reception – Kara for amazing independent writing
Year 1 – Poya for having a super attitude to learning
Year 2 – Lacey for trying hard to read at home and log it on Boom Reader
Year 3 – William Che for putting amazing effort into editing his spellings
Year 4 – Harry for great map work and Callum for super engagement in English
Year 5 – Faith for confidence with short division
Year 6 – Ashleigh for identifying the significance of key events in the life of Queen Victoria

behaviour AWARDS

Reception – Megan
Year 1 – Ava
Year 2 – Lexi
Year 3 – Florence
Year 4 – Rupert and Romane
Year 5 – Ben
Year 6 – Brennan


Agree or strongly agree that their child is happy at our school and they feel safe.


Agree or strongly agree that their child makes good progress and is taught well at Steeple Claydon School.


Would recommend our school to other parents