Friday 25 November, 3.15pm – FOSCS Christmas Clothing Sale

Thursday 1 December, 7-9pm – FOSCS Christmas Shopping Evening

Tuesday 6 December, 2pm – YR/1/2 Nativity Performance

Wednesday 7 December, 5pm – YR/1/2 Nativity Performance

Friday 9 December – Wear something Christmassy (e.g. jumpers) for Save the Children and FOSCS Christmas Raffle Draw

Monday 12 December, 9.15am – Pre-school Christmas Event with Parents

Wednesday 14 December, 6pm – KS2 Carol Concert

Thursday 15th December – School Christmas Lunch and Class Parties

Monday 19 December, 2pm – YR-6 Christmas Service at St Michael’s Church

25th november 2022


I would love to know whether there is a scientific reason why there is so often a heavy rain shower at drop off and pick up times when the rest of the day does not involve quite such bad weather! Thank you for tolerating such awful conditions this week and dropping your children off and collecting them on time regardless. 

As you can see from the diary dates, December is fast approaching and there are many Christmas events where our wider school community can gather together to celebrate/shop/sing etc. Preparations have been underway for a few weeks now and we are looking forward to seeing you and sharing these special moments with you over the next few weeks. Please note in particular the date of the Pre-school Christmas event which has been added to the list since last week.

Mrs Christine Richards

Can you help?

If any parents have time to come into school perhaps one afternoon a week to hear children read or read to our younger pupils, please do let us know. We would love to have at least one parent helping in this way in each class (usually not a class your own children are in). Mrs Passenger will be happy to give you some tips and ideas about how to read with children effectively before you start which will then be handy when you read with your own children at home.


We are very sad to share the news that Mrs Locker will be leaving us at the end of this term. Over the last few years, she has provided highly skilled and personalised 1:1 support as well as contributing with enthusiasm and positivity to every aspect of school life including events out of school time. Unfortunately, she has moved too far away from school to continue to commute to work with us. We wish her all the success and happiness possible in her new role as an ASD specialist teacher.



Our value this week has been confidence
Year 1 – Poya
Year 2 – Sebby
Year 3 – Jemima
Year 4 – Darcie
Year 5 – Jackson
Year 6 – Poppy


Year 1 – Amber for super independent writing
Year 2 – Everly for learning her lines for the Nativity Performance and helping others to do so too
Year 3 – George for putting a lot of effort into art this week
Year 4 – Alfie T for confidently counting in groups
Year 5 – Henry S for excellent use of vocabulary
Year 6 – Daniel for amazing focus and contributions during this week’s Artis session

behaviour AWARDS

Year 1  – Lenny
Year 2 – Charley
Year 3 – Baxter
Year 4 – Alex
Year 5 – Evan
Year 6 – Bernadette


Agree or strongly agree that their child is happy at our school and they feel safe.


Agree or strongly agree that their child makes good progress and is taught well at Steeple Claydon School.


Would recommend our school to other parents